Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra units have a new issue plaguing the display

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Samsung has been having issues with the Galaxy S20 Ultra and it does not seem like these woes would be going anywhere anytime soon. This is on the back of a new bug which has been found in the unit.

The worst part of this is that the bug is affecting those that have the Exynos version of the phone alone. That is surely some bad timing, seeing as this is the time when people are already starting to complain about how good these in-house chipsets are to the phones.

This new bug seems to be a result of a new update on the device too. After all, that is when users first started to notice it.

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Likewise, the green tint does not appear everywhere on the phone. It takes the using of some apps to see it show up at all.

Some reports have stated that the green tint could be a result of switching the screen refresh rate from 120Hz or 96Hz down to 60Hz. That is when the change will start to show up on some of the apps on the phone.

From that, we can all agree that there is no clear-cut definition for why the green tint is there anymore. However, we hope that Samsung does well to fix this issue soon.

That said, we should also tell you that the Galaxy S20 Ultra is doing better in the market than even Samsung expected.

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