Samsung Galaxy S20 Tactical Edition: A rugged phone designed for military grade operations.

Samsung Galaxy S20 Tactical Edition: A rugged phone designed for military grade operations.

The new Samsung Galaxy S20 Tactical edition is the rugged variant of the next-generation smartphone. This device was designed primarily for the military and special ops.

In a recent press release, Samsung announced that the Galaxy S20 TE is designed to meet the needs of field operatives within the Department of Defense and the federal government of the United States.

The phone meets the NSA standard as it has dual-level data encryption, and it can also be used to navigate around large and complex terrains.

We can’t tell how much the build of the Galaxy S20 TE has changed from what the original Galaxy S20 looks like. As seen in press images, the smartphones are infused into heavy-duty cases painted in drab desert hues to match the color scheme of the US military.

However, the Tactical Edition of the Galaxy S20 can connect to military-grade tactical radios and mission systems via Wi-Fi 6, 5G, private SIM, and CBRS (a 3.5GHz frequency reserved for the US Navy and Satellite-to-earth communications).

Also, the display on the S20 TE has a unique feature that makes it visible even when the user has night-vision google on. In place of the airplane mode, it has a stealth mode-it mutes all kinds of radiofrequency and disables the LTE on the device.

With the features of this phone pack, it’s so apparent that Samsung has a targeted audience for this device. Samsung advertises the S20 TE as a secure solution to the strict rules on the use of smartphones by the US military operatives. Reports have it that soldiers were to leave their phones behind during deployment and to make use of encrypted messaging apps for communication.

The company announced that the phone would be available in the third quarter of the year through select IT channel partners.