Samsung Galaxy J2 Core gets a 2020 refresher with just additional storage

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For a while now, Samsung has done away with its other midrange devices and gone for the Galaxy M and Galaxy A families alone. This means that we don’t get any of the Galaxy C, Galaxy J and more which they used to launch.

With the refresher of a Galaxy J unit now making it to India, though, we think that they might be planning a reboot of some sort.

There has already been a Galaxy J2 Core in the market but there is a new Galaxy J2 Core 2020. The most notable thing on this phone is that Samsung brought twice the storage on board – and they called it quits from there. It is hard to see how that qualifies as an upgrade too.

It is also interesting to note that the same Android 8 Go which was on the first version is also what Samsung opted for here, two years after the official launch. If you have done some research on the older unit, you won’t need to know more than the fact that this one now has 16GB out of the box – out of which you can use 11.7GB.

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If you would like to get this device in the country, you should be willing to shell out an equivalent of $83 which is a bit more than what the original unit sold for.

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