Samsung Galaxy Fold sells out in China within 5 minutes

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When the Samsung Galaxy Fold first launched, and at the price tag with which it did, we did not expect that it would make a lot of sales. Of course, it would be fancied by some – but we didn’t figure out that a lot of people would be willing to shell out thousands of dollars for the first foldable unit from a major OEM.

However, this is a phone that keeps smashing those records on a daily basis.

According to a post that the company put up on Weibo, they were able to sell off all the Galaxy Fold units that launched in China within just five minutes of announcing the sale.

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Samsung has not done us the honours of mentioning just how many units it sold, but we doubt it would be very much. Even at that, it is amazing to note that people paid the equivalent of about $2300 to get this high-end device.

Should the Galaxy Fold be brought to this part of the world, would you be interested in investing that much into the unit? Let’s hear your opinion in the comments.

Smartphone Deals on Jumia