Samsung Galaxy Fold could finally be launched on September 27

Samsung Galaxy Fold could finally be launched on September 27

Evan Blass is not one to be doubted when it comes to leaks, and he has stated that the Galaxy Fold will be officially announced again on the 27th of September. Note that Samsung itself had stated that they will be relaunching the unit this month, even though they didn’t state when that would be exactly.

Some rumours in the past have suggested that Samsung will release the device in South Korea first before the general release on the said date, but all that is speculation for now. Since we are now in the month of September, we only have a little more time to wait compared with what has been in the past.

After the initial release of the device, Samsung had to call it back since it was surely not ready for real, day to day use. Since then, they have worked on the hinge mechanism to make it safer and also, incorporated the screen protection further into the screen itself so that users don’t mistake it for a protective coating.

Besides the external features, it is also said that Samsung has done some internal works to make sure the device delivers a great user experience with the apps and services that should be leveraging all that screen to work.