Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 could ship with a dedicated Stylus Pen

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It took Samsung a while, but they did get the Galaxy Fold to work, and they now have it in a variety of markets. For a device that one would think to be a concept for now, it seems the South Korean OEM is hard at work on its successor – and that one could come with a stylus.

This is evident from a new patent which suggests that the coming phone will be able to house its own stylus pen, and also get to use the pen no matter how. Thus, the stylus pen will function when the screen is flat, or on multiple sides of the screen when bent.

Knowing Samsung, this is not far-fetched. Likewise, we also know that they will find a way to use this to improve the functionality of the screen. We never thought we would say this, but we cannot wait to see what new things they bring with the Galaxy Fold 2.

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