Samsung Galaxy A9 Star to have Four Rear Cameras

Samsung Galaxy A9 Star Pro
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Samsung is gearing up to release a new device dubbed the Galaxy A9 Star Pro next month (October).

While earlier reports made the device seem like an average smartphone, new render images suggest that there is a possibility of the device launching with a one-of-a-kind feature — quadruple camera sensors on the rear.

The idea of a rear quad-camera setup on the Galaxy A9 Star Pro comes as mere a conjecture following a Samsung promotional event banner where the company teased “4x fun” about a device which it will lunch on October 11 and nothing more.

Samsung Galaxy A9 Star Pro

However, a concept image of the device from All About Samsung have surfaced online confirming an upcoming rear quad-camera from Samsung and even revealing more details about what to expect from the device.

Samsung Galaxy A9 Star Pro

Going by the device concept, the Galaxy A9 Star Pro will have all the four sensors and a single LED flash lined up in a vertical fashion on the rear. A square-shaped fingerprint sensor, also on the rear, can be equally seen. Moving to the opposite side, a full view screen covers a significant part of the frontal real estate with a single camera above the display.

This takes the total number if optical shooters on the upcoming Samsung Galaxy A9 Star Pro to five, and according to All About Samsung, they will be as follows:

Quad Rear Cameras

  • 24MP main camera
  • 8MP wide-angle camera
  • 10MP zoom camera
  • 5MP zoom camera

Front-facing camera

  • 24 MP Sony IMX 576 front camera)

The Samsung Galaxy A9 Star Pro is coming not to long after the South Korean giant released the Galaxy A7 (2018), its first ever smartphone with a tri-camera setup on the rear. The A9 Star Pro is expected to launch with a 6.8-inch AMOLED display with FHD+ resolution, be powered by Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 660 SoC, and have a built-in 3,720mAh battery.

The official launch date has been set for October 11. Until then can we confirm if this information truly holds water or not.

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