Samsung Galaxy A70 users finally getting the bump to Android 11

Samsung Galaxy A70 users finally getting the bump to Android 11

Samsung is usually poor with sending out updates to its units. You would expect that from an OEM that churns out devices at a frequency that even we are yet to get a hang on.

That said, though, users of the Galaxy A70 who have stuck with their units for this long will have something to look forward to in the way of an Android 11 update. This comes to the device on the back of a One UI 3.1 boost that is currently rolling out to all the said units.

The change comes with a lot of visual changes and improvements, as should be expected. Samsung also bundled the March security update with the rollout so that users are on the latest android patch and protected against threats.

For now, the update has only been seen by users in Ukraine. Since they didn’t start from the home market only, it means that they have an international version in the pipeline already.

We believe that everyone should get a notification to update their units to the latest software soon. Otherwise, you can head into the settings dashboard to manually request the update and see if it is available for your region already.

Before we go, we should tell you that the update comes in at a massive 1.9GB – so you need to have that in free storage and make provisions for the data needed to download this update.