Samsung Galaxy A52s nears launch as it gets FCC approval

Samsung Galaxy A52s nears launch as it gets FCC approval

We already know that Samsung is working on a Galaxy A52s – but what we don’t know is when that device will launch.

Having gotten its badge from the FCC, the launch date is drawing closer than before.

For those following the releases from this OEM, we already have a Galaxy A52 5G in the market. Thus, this one is going to be a refresher with the same 5G support on board and even more aggressive pricing to take on the recent affordable 5G units on sale from other brands.

From the FCC listing, we got that the unit will come with 5G bands as promised, carry NFC and ship with Android 11 out of the box. We are not sure of anything yet, but there is a high chance that Samsung moves this one to Android 12 when that becomes more readily available.

Likewise, the device is supposed to have options of 6 and 8GB RAM, depending on how much power you think you need from your device. Speaking of power, you also get a Snapdragon 778G chipset to round things up.

Samsung might decide to bring this unit during their Unpacked event on August 11, but we don’t have any official confirmation towards that yet. For now, it is a waiting game while we look where they go with the new device.