Samsung could relaunch the Galaxy Fold alongside Note 10 series

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August is almost upon us, and we have been looking forward to a launch of the Galaxy Note 10 units already. However, it seems Samsung will have a busier month than we envisioned, now that the Galaxy Fold is planning on making the market again.

We didn’t stutter – you read that right.

Some inside sources and experts have claimed that the company did revamp the hinges and screen of the device in a way that now makes it suitable for everyday use. It has also been tested on multiple platforms for better support of the new operating conditions, and it has been said to pass in flying colours.

Since the tech giant went with the feedback they got from reviewers, there is a high chance that they have truly plugged all the leaks that could have been with this unit.

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For now, July is wrapping up already – so we should not be looking forward to a launch in this month. However, Samsung could do what they did in the first place where they introduced the foldable unit with their Galaxy S10 line-up. Only, this time, we would be seeing the same thing alongside the Note 10.

For now, it is a waiting game.

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