Samsung could create a new 108MP sensor for the Galaxy S11

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The flagships for this year came with a quad and triple camera setup with most of them using a 48MP unit as the head of the pack. The game will change soon with units like Xiaomi Mi CC9 coming with a 108MP sensor on the back.

This sensor was developed by Xiaomi and Samsung, so it has been touted to be the one that will come with the Galaxy S11 for next year too.

If what IceUniverse, a popular Samsung tipster who is rarely wrong, is saying is anything to go by, though, we will be looking at a new 108MP sensor instead.

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Of course, the development of that sensor could follow this one, but some things could be an altered for better effects. Knowing how Samsung works, that should not be totally ruled out. Afterall, they will not want to compete with a device that was launched earlier when making their flagship unit.

Although we have not stated hearing much of the upcoming Galaxy S11 series, another thing we can bet our money on is that they will both feature the attest Qualcomm and Exynos chipsets under the hood. Till we learn more…

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