Samsung could be working on a Galaxy S10/ S11 Lite, and it’s impressive

Samsung could be working on a Galaxy S10/ S11 Lite, and it's impressive
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These days it is almost like Samsung cannot slow down on their mobile phone production.

While we are getting loaded with the flagship units, we are getting flooded with the midrange devices too. To put cream on that gist, there is a rumour that the South Korean OEM has another dialled down flagship unit in the works, and it could come out as either of the Galaxy S10 Lite or Galaxy S11 Lite.

If you have been following, you will observe that the Galaxy S10 family already comes with a vanilla Galaxy S10, the low spec-ed Galaxy S10e, the bigger Galaxy S10 Plus and a 5G variant too. Should we get a Lite version, that might be a way to drive sales before December wraps up, and it should cost lesser that the S10e.

On the other hand, this mystery phone which has been spotted with the model number SM-G770F could be coming next year as the Galaxy S11 Lite.

From what we have heard, this phone will be identical to the Galaxy A91 on its spec sheet. If you don’t know about the latter device, it is because it is also existing as a rumour for now.

Looking at that, though, both devices could leave the production shop with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 chipset which carries 8GB of RAM and a 6.7-inch display with it. Under the hood, we have a 4500mAh battery which supports fast charging.

To round off, we have a triple camera setup of 48MP, 12MP and 5MP, while the front is adorned with a 32MP snapper. For a Lite device, this is going to be stunning.

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