Samsung allows you transform your iPhone to a Samsung Android with iTest

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Samsung has always been bold about its anti-iOS campaign and the South Korean OEM has brought yet another example to the table here.

Apple is stealing the mobile market share away from other phone manufacturers, especially in the US. That success can be attributed to the fine distribution that the company has been able to achieve with the iPhone 12 line of devices, coming from a successful iPhone 11 series campaign. This move from Samsung seems like the only way the company can snatch back some market share and convince the users that they are also a viable alternative.

Named iTest, Samsung allows users to get the One UI custom skin on their iPhones. Thus, it looks like your iPhone were an Android device – specifically a Samsung unit. The test is made better with the addition of an App Store where things get cheeky. Since Apple users are yet to get a taste of Fortnite on the OS, that premium game is the first thing that you see whey o enter the app store.

There is no telling how well this will work, but it has been seen over time that users of the iOS are loyal to the core.

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