Redmi unveils the AirDots 3 Pro in China for 349 Yuan (~$55)

Redmi unveils the AirDots 3 Pro in China for 349 Yuan (~$55)

A few hours back, Redmi hosted a launch event to unveil the Redmi Note 10 Pro 5G smartphone.

However, the phone was not the only device that launched at the event. The Chinese firm spiced up the event with the launch of a true wireless device – the AirDots 3 Pro.

The all-new AirDots 3 Pro is the latest smartphone accessory from the brand. And it comes with the infamous Active Noise Cancellation feature.

Official documents from Redmi states that the new AirDots 3 Pro supports 35d noise reduction and offers the user ultra-low latency of 69ms – a great feature for online gaming activities.

Interestingly, the AirDots 3 Pro debuts with a new mouth-watering feature; it can connect to two smartphones at a time. And this makes the switching process between handsets seamless.

Regarding the build, the AirDots 3 Pro come in a tall oval-shaped housing, which doubles as the charging case.

The case has a USB-C port at the bottom for charging, and it also supports Qi wireless charging.

Overall, the earbuds themselves have identical designs to the AirDots that have debuted in the past.

The AirDots 3 Pro true wireless earphones launched in China at 349 Yuan, which roughly converts to about $55.

However, the firm is offering the new AirDots 3 Pro at an initial discounted price of 299 Yuan (~$49). And its sale will begin starting June 1, 2021.