Redmi sells off more than 1 million units of the K30 devices

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Redmi is one of the brands that is doing very well in the market, and they have confirmed that with recent sales records.

On both the Redmi K30 and K30 5G models, the company confirms that it has sold over a million smartphones. To make this even more impressive, these are phones that launched in December, and in the middle of the recent coronavirus outbreak issue. If not for the virus scare, they might have managed to sell way more than that now – or even reached the target faster.

If you are also interested in snagging up a unit of the device, note that the standard Redmi K30 sells for an equivalent of $230 in China while you will get the 5G option for $285.

For those who do not know, this is the same phone being marketed as the Poco X2 in India. The sales figures we recorded here have not taken the numbers of Poco into consideration, so it means that the company would have sold way more of this model than is being reported.

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