Redmi Note 7 series sells 15 million units in less than 6 months

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The Honor 8X attained an impressive 15-million-unit sales record in just 9 months, and that made the headlines for obvious reasons. However, the space of that device in the limelight might have just been stolen by Redmi which has its Note 7 line-up reaching the same milestone, and with more than three months to spare.

The Redmi brand was introduced as a sub-brand to Xiaomi, helping to further bring the best devices to the market at very affordable ratees. Coming out today to make the announcement, this makes their Note 7 line-up – consisting the vanilla Note 7, an Indian variant (which has since been replaced by a better Note 7S) and the Note 7 Pro – the bestselling phone of this timeframe.

Redmi will be looking to smash more records with its impressive sales. Likewise, this puts a tougher strain on the competition to match the offering this company – both on the spec sheet and in price tag.

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