Redmi Note 10/ 10 Pro Max gets Dolby Atmos audio update

Redmi Note 10 10 Pro Max gets Dolby Atmos audio update

The Redmi Note 10 and Note 10 Pro Max are great as they are right now. But even at that, Redmi is not slowing down to ensure that they become the absolute best versions of themselves.

In a new development, the company has sent a system update that improves the functionality of these units. In this update, we see the devices get a Dolby Atmos feature that improves the audio output quality that they bring to the table.

The update, coming as an OTA push, is currently been seen in India. It won’t take too long before we start to get the same thing in other parts of the world where Redmi has launched the unit and its variants.

Besides this major audio update, the new software rollout also fixes a notification bug and improves performances in other aspects of the device. Likewise, the security patch for the device has now been moved to the May 2021 level.

We are in August already which means that the security level is at least, two months back. We trust that Redmi has plans to solve that problem soon, though.