Redmi brings a Japanese Edition of the Note 10 with market-focused features

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It seems that we now write about the Redmi Note 10 every week, and Xiaomi doesn’t want us to stop. Because, as of the time of this writing, the Asian OEM has launched a Redmi Note 10 JE – which stands for Japanese Edition.

As the name implies, this is the version of the phone that will go on sale in Japan and it seems to come as a carrier exclusive. That could be the launch deal, though, with more options to buy in the nearest future.

For those who want to get the unit now, know that this is the first one with a Qualcomm SD 480 chipset from the brand. In the past, we have seen this same series come with chipsets in the SD 600 and 700 lines, pack a Dimensity chipset and even use the Helio SoC.

For this one, there is still 5G support on board and the phone doesn’t sell for too much. Thus, we believe that is why the chipset was changed around this way this time around.

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To make things more interesting, Redmi added local features like FeliCa to the device. This is a mobile payment system popular in Japan, so the Japanese can get better use for their device out of the box.

The launch date for the device remains August 13. In less than two weeks, you can have your hands around one of the best, most affordable 5G units that has made its way to Japan.

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