Realme to launch a 19GB RAM GT Master unit with massive Sony camera on July 21

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Realme continues to push the line with what’s possible and desirable in the smartphone world.

An event slated for the 21st of July is supposed to bring us new units. While we might not know all that they have planned for us on that day, we know that we will be getting a GT Master series. From this series will be the likes of the GT Master Edition and GT Master Edition Explorer.

On the latter device, there is some official confirmation of specs to expect at launch:

The massive IMX766 sensor from Sony as the main snapper on the back, and 19GB RAM.

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We are used to even numbers on the massive RAM front, so this sounds somehow. Realme has claimed that the device will have 12GB of this RAM hosted locally on the device with the remaining 7GB being virtual. We will have to wait till launch to see how they hope to deploy that.

For all that the phone will bring to the table, there is a high chance that is sells for around $462. That is the China pricing of course, so it could launch for 20% more, or higher, in other countries.

There are only a few days between now and launch, anyway, so we don’t have to wait for too long to confirm other specs and details on these devices.

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