Realme surpasses 100 million global users, beating 2021 estaimates

Realme surpasses 100 million global users, beating 2021 estaimates

Around Q1 2021 in March, Realme announced that the brand has more than 70 million users globally since launch. This number was greatly boosted by the 42 million smartphones that it sold and shipped in 2020 alone. At that time, the company also made a goal of reaching 100 million global customers by the end of the year.

We are just in Q3 and Realme has now surpassed that mark. In an achievement announced by the CEO of the brand for the Indian and European arms of the business, the feat is even more laudable because it happened well outside of the launch country too.

When Realme first started as a spinoff of Oppo, the brand was focused on the Indian market alone. That explains why 50 million of those users are based in India.

With global expansion seeing the devices get into Europe and other parts of the world, they have now achieved their 2021 goal with many months to spare.

The better news is that the brand continues to seek expansion into even more markets so they could double that number in half the time. Likewise, we have some amazing devices from Realme in the pipeline, threatening to upset the current balance in the market and get into the hands of even more customers.

With this explosive growth rate, we cannot wait to see what numbers the company comes back with at the end of the year.