Realme officially announces launch date for the gaming GT Neo2

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Realme has had the GT Neo2 in the works for a while now, and we can tell you when to expect it:

September 22.

This is not some leak but via an official confirmation from the brand’s Weibo profile where they announced the China event. Realme is known to foray into Europe and other parts of the world too, so we don’t expect that they make this phone a China exclusive.

According to the brand, this gaming phone will be for those that push their units to the very extremes. At that, though, we would have expected to see better than a Qualcomm SD 870 chipset, but they will make it work with the massive 12GB RAM that’s billed to come with the device.

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Likewise, it is expected that the 6.62-inch device might be launched globally under another name – or carry a less RAM in international markets. That is the same thing that they did with the original GT Neo, so we won’t be surprised if they do that again here.

Fortunately, we have just a few days left till launch and we can see all that the company has in store for us then.

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