Realme GT Neo has been selling 10,000 units per day since launch

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From the time when we started discussing the Realme GT Neo units, we knew that it would be a hot cake once it hits the market. However, we might not have anticipated that the device would have sold 200,000 units and counting since the time of launch.

Given that the launch was on April 8, this report shows that 10,000+ units of the phone have been flying off the shelves since the first announcement.

Powered by a Dimensity 1200 chipset, the new popular phone on the block features a massive 6.43-inch screen with 120Hz refresh rate and a 4500mAh battery under the hood. Realme also makes things interesting with the price, choosing to sell the device from $277.

The phone was launched in China and the rest of the world will like to have a taste too. Already, some sources claim that the phone will soon be seen in India – although under a different name. When that happens, the rest of the world can be sure to get it too.

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