Realme CEO confirms Indian launch date for the GT 5G/ Master Edition

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Realme has taken the Master Editions of its Realme GT series to Europe, and they have now officially confirmed a launch in Europe.

We were used to the OEM doing things the other way around, launching in India first before Europe and other parts of the world saw the same unit. Now, we are just happy to see that the markets are expanding and we will see the units in other parts of the world in no time also.

Confirmed by the CEO of the company, am August 18 launch is planned for the Realme GT 5G and Realme GT Master Edition where they will be sold via Flipkart. There is no official information on whether other retailers will be allowed to sell the phones at launch, or sometimes after. We expect to see that also, though.

Both devices are flagships in their own right and will boost the reach/ sales which Realme already commands in the market.

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If you have been waiting for these units in that region, it is time to ready your payment cards.

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