Realme C2 sells 1 million units, celebrates with a special open sale

Realme is one of the very new brands out there, but it is great to see that they are already breaking grounds in the smartphone market. Just about three months after the launch of their Realme C2, the company now boasts having shipped upwards of 1 million units of this device.

This is a company that came out when the likes of Xiaomi started pushing their Redmi brand aggressively, making it almost impossible for anyone to beat their offer in the market. Realme was not only able to beat the pricing of the similar Redmi units, but it also went all out to list out where it was better than the supposed non-pricey offerings from Xiaomi.

The good news in all of this is that the company is running a promotional sale to celebrate this milestone. If you were to go for the Realme C2 now, the company has launched an open sale that comes with a 2-year extended warranty on every unit copped during this promotional season.

Jumia Black Friday Sale

Expected to end on the 12th of July (this Friday), now is the best time to place your order if you really want one of these units.

Jumia Black Friday