Realme almost confirms that the GT 5G will make its way into India

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The Realme GT 5G is the latest flagship on the hands of the company behind these units and they will be launched to India soon.

This is not official confirmation but it did come from an official source. During a live QnA session with the Chief Marketing Officer of the Realme brand in India, the man mentioned that he could not mention the name of his current device, but it was their flagship and it would see the market during their 3rd anniversary celebration.

The Realme 8 Pro is also another flagship form the brand but this one is already in the market. Thus, we have the former unit alone to contend with here.

That said, there is no definite date on when the device will make it into India. We also have no idea if there will be other markets that will enjoy the same launch, or for what price the device will launch at all.

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With this confirmation, though, it is simply a waiting game from now till when the unit launches.

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