Project Cars’ developer is already crowdfunding a sequel


With only one month of release to the original project cars game, the developers Slightly Mad Studios are aiming for yet another public crowdfunding. This time they are crowdfunding for the Project Cars Sequel.

According to the developers, the Project Cars sequel is aimed at making the game more awesome. The sequel will see an addition of more than 200+ courses, featuring the gravel, snow, ‘loose surface racing’ on dirt and much more.

In terms of graphics, the original game lacked dynamic lightning. The sequel will make sure that all the missing things are present. Other vital stats include 50 unique locations, covering 200+ courses.

The sequel has plans to add more game modes including HilllClimbs, Touge, Rallycross and more. In terms of cars, the game will see an addition of 200+ cars, ranging from 40+ varying vehicle classes.

The most impressive part of the sequel, as promised, would be the co-op career mode. The game will also introduce banned cars and will give the players almost everything they missed in the first part.

The co-op mode is aimed at players to play with their friends and family. It will help create an environment of fun and excitement.

Project Cars 1 was an awesome game and received good ratings from both critics and gamers across the gaming community.

In short, Project Cars 2 (hopefully) will see all the missing aspects of the first game. Customization will also be improved and players will be in more control compared to the first game.

Mad Studios are known for crowdfunding their games. The first game was also crowdfunding from the famous crowdfunding platform, KickStart.

This time, the only difference is the change of platform used for funding. They are using the WMD (World of Mass Development) platform.

Until now, the game is aiming at a funding goal of £7 million, out of which 250,000 Euros is invested by the studio themselves. Will they reach their funding goal? We only need to wait and watch.

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