Poster allegedly leaks the details of upcoming Redmi 20X

Poster allegedly leaks the details of upcoming Redmi 20X

The Redmi 20X is supposed to be a 5G phone, but not just another 5G phone. If the reports are anything to go by, it would be one of the most affordable 5G phones in the Chinese market. That lends more credence to the fact that Redmi might not be reinventing the wheel and instead just rebranding the existing Redmi Note 10 5G.

Today, a poster on the upcoming Redmi 20X is seen to reveal key specs that could launch with the device.

Take things with a grain of salt, but it does look like what we see is what we will get.

Delving into the poster, there is the promise of a 90Hz screen which uses a punch hole selfie camera and carries a triple camera arrangement on the back. The phone backs that up with a 4GB RAM under the hood and 128GB storage.

There is no way to know if that will be the only configuration of the device or if there will be variants. We would prefer the latter, though.

Here’s the shocker: this version mentioned here will be sold at an equivalent of $152, according to the poster.

Considering that this is the Chinese market price and there could be a 30% increase in some other markets, that price is not so low but it is still very affordable for a 5G device.