Poco M2 and Redmi 9 Prime users are getting MIUI 12.5, fkinally

Poco M2 and Redmi 9 Prime users are getting MIUI 12.5, fkinally

Xiaomi has been rolling out the MIUI 12.5 update for some days now and it is making it to new devices almost every day. Being an improved version of the MIUI 12 which is built on Android 11 itself, the company is directly sending this update to units that were not on the basic Android 11 before so that they can come up to speed with the units getting the same patch.

The latest devices to get the new OS are Redmi 9 Prime and Poco M2. Users of these devices in China have already started getting the same update since about last month, and they have been on the Android 11 for some time now. This new rollout is meant for users in India where users were yet to even get on last year’s Android.

If you happen to be in the region and you are using either one of these phones, you should sit tight for an update notification. Note that the update is being rolled out in batches so you might not get yours as fast as others, but know that it is on the way to you.

When the update does hit, you get the first major update on either or both of these two units, depending on which one you have with you. While it is not sure if these units will also be getting the move to Android 12, we are happy that they have now been moved to this level.

Both devices could also use the same software since they are basically cut from the same cloth. Where the Redmi 9 Prime is a rebranded Redmi 9, the Poco M2 is a Redmi 9 with more colours. Redmi sure knows how to launch a unit in different ways.