Pixel 5a announcement date might have just been elated

Pixel 5a announcement date might have just been elated

Google has been working on a series of Pixel 5 units for some time now and we are not happy with all the leaks that they are getting in the press. Of course, that allows us to see what these devices have to offer us out of the box, but it also means that we don’t have much to look forward to anymore.

However, it seems that they are ready to it the Pixel 5a by themselves, following their usual naming model, this will be the littlest sibling in the series to carry the least specs while offering users the chance to get into the Pixel family for the year.

Right now, the launch of the device is tipped to be August 17. Before you go checking the calendar, yes, that’s tomorrow.

Google is no stranger to setting release dates some hours to the main launch since they don’t have to deal with getting people in sight, no thanks to the pandemic. Thus, they can tune in tomorrow and show us all that we can expect on the smallest unit that will make it to the family of new flagships.

We might also finally get the first official peek at what Android 12 will look like on a device. Even at that, though, we will still appreciate seeing all the premium specs that comes with the top-of-the-line Pixel 5 units.