Oppo’s New Super VOOC Battery Tech Charges Phones in 15 Minutes

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Oppo has announced a new version of the VOOC fast charging technology, which it says can fully charge a phone battery in under 15 minutes.

The firm showcased the tech at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona where it charged a 2,500 mAh battery in about 10 minutes. The tech also achieved about 45% of charge in 5 minutes.

The new VOOC charging works over both micro-USB and USB Type-C ports. According to Oppo, it uses a 5V low-voltage pulse-charge algorithm that ensures a low-temperature charge that’s safe for the battery. It regulates the current to charge the phone in the shortest time possible.

The process works with a customized ‘super battery’, as well as a new adapter. It also requires the new Super VOOC Flash Charger plug, a new special cable, and a connector made from high-quality military-grade materials.

The Chinese firm also said that Super VOOC Flash Charge is perfectly safe, allowing users to use the phone while it is charging such as watching a video or playing a game, the company specified.

This seemingly warns against making phone calls while using the new tech. Oppo also noted that other quick charge technologies don’t recommend this usage scenario to users.

“We are excited to share these breakthrough technologies with the world at MWC 2016 – they’re the result of our commitment to listening to consumers and valuing their feedback to create more delightful user experiences for them in the future,” Oppo Global Vice-President, Sky Li,  said.

Oppo says this new technology won’t mean any change in form factor. It added that it will be available in upcoming devices once the technology is ready for mass production.

Final testing is still being conducted and the firm says it will like to keep the technology to itself at the moment.

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