Oppo might be in business with Kodak to develop a flagship camera smartphone

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We have seen smartphone makers pair up with specialist companies to develop a part of their units better in the past, and we will continue to see that. Some of the most memorable of such collaborations happened between Nokia and Zeiss for camera, as well as Huawei and Leica in the camera department also.

The latest OEM to go that way seems to be Oppo which is rumoured to be working with the guys at Kodak to develop a flagship unit. While it is believed that they are working on a 50MP sensor together, the flagship phone might have two of these massive sensors to call on at launch.

An earlier rumour had stated that Realme is also partnering with Kodak and that had been going on since July of this year. Seeing that Oppo is the main brand from which Realme came from, it is little surprise if they choose to go this way also.

There is little to no official confirmation on this yet so we have to take this news with a pinch of salt. If it turns out to be true, though, we cannot wait to see what these brands bring out together.

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