Oppo K3 launches in India according to company calendar

Oppo K3 launches in India according to company calendar

Now that a barrage of phones is making their way to India – which is one of the first two biggest smartphone markets in the world – Oppo is also coming out with its K3 in the same market.

This is to be expected since the company has announced that such a launch would be happening today. That said, there is still excitement around this new midrange device from the same company designing all of OnePlus’ marvels.

While it has been launched today, you can only get the phone from July 23. The versions available for now are the 6GB/ 64GB and 8GB/ 128GB options, and they are priced accordingly.

No matter which of the above phones you go for, you would still get the same 6.5 inches of screen with a Snapdragon 710 chipset at the heart of operations. That will be backed up by Android 9 Pie and a 3756mAh battery.

Of course, 2019 specs mean the phone comes with as little bezels as can be. Besides that, though, we are more impressed by the motorized pop-up selfie camera which holds a 16MP lens. On the back is also a double camera arrangement playing house to a 16MP and 2MP snapper.

Many would think this phone looks very similar to the Realme designs – which would be true since Realme takes inspiration from Oppo too. In the same vein, the Realme X which bears the closest semblance makes use of a 48MP main camera sensor instead.


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