OnePlus X phone to be unveiled on October 29th

OnePlus 2
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Thus far, OnePlus has wowed its users with its mid-range smartphones. The company grabbed attention with its OnePlus One and OnePlus 2 Android phones which were remarkable for their design, performance and above all, the competitive pricing.

The company had earlier revealed its plans of launching another flagship before 2015 takes a bow. Now the details of the new launch have been revealed.

The Chinese manufacturers confirmed via a blog post on their official site that the third phone by OnePlus, christened OnePlus X, will be launched on October 29th.

The mobile phone will be unveiled at two complementary events to be held in London and Beijing respectively. Twitter responded enthusiastically to OnePlus’ tweet of the magical dark image of a large X with the hash-tag #PowefullyBeautiful.

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The rumors reveal that the new OnePlus X will feature a 5.5 inches screen. The details leaked from FCC filings include a 1.9 GHz processor and LTE support.

The revealed images bear a striking resemblance to the iPhone 4. Tech analysts speculate that the device will operate on OxygenOS. The design of this new OnePlues X is decidedly different form its predecessors and channels along thelines of an indutriallized package.

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The company has already made a mark in the smartphone arena with its previous two  launches and the user experience has been quite good for a mid-budget phone.

The only sticky point is the delivery of their falgship to the users and OnePlus needs to take measures so as to ensure a smooth and seamless user experience with on-time delivery.

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