OnePlus to soon start seeing update with Always-On display feature to users

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Samsung has come to be associated with the neat implementation of the Always-On display, but they are not the only brand to have tried their hands at it. In fact, OnePlus had this feature on their OnePlus 6 when the unit was being shipped to the reviewers.

However, they would remove the feature when the phone was about to go out to consumers since they believed that it would drain the battery faster than normal.

Since they have given their users a taste of what can be, this has been one feature that they have been asking for the most over the years.

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It seems that the OEM is now ready to listen to the wishes of its users and they will be sending out an update to bring this display feature soon. Confirming this via a tweet, the company has said that the update is in a roadmap and will be arriving soon.

How soon, we do not know but we love the fact that this is now an option to look forward to.

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