OnePlus to cut updates to the Nord200 5G after just 6 months in the market

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OnePlus branched out of their usual naming model to launch the Nord N200 5G in the US markets. With what the company is saying about the update model of the device, though, they might have shot themselves in the foot for the sale of future models.

On the usual scale, OnePlus offers as much as 3 years of update to its devices. Now, they have come out to claim that the Nord will only get one major update – and no more. For a device that launched with the Android 11, that means we will only get the Android 12 on it and no more.

Seeing as the device launched this month, this also means that the phone will be supported on the major update scale for just 6 months. There are no indications to whether or not this will affect the minor updates, bug fixes and patches that the device will be getting.

That’s not even the interesting part.

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The Nord CE 5G – which is the same option of the phone released to the European and Asian markets – is still promised up to 2 years of updates.

With OnePlus announcing major changes in the past few weeks – from a merger with Oppo to a key executive leaving – this might not sit down well with their fans too.

We will keep monitoring the situation closely and report back as soon as we have more.

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