OnePlus pushing out battery-improving OxygenOS update to Nord units

OnePlus pushing out battery-improving OxygenOS update to Nord units

OnePlus earned its spot in our hearts by introducing the flagship killer concept, giving us a lot of impressive units with the top-of-the-line specs while not slapping a hefty price tag on it. They have slowly expanded that single flagship release model into two releases per year, and now, a full suite of units launched at once.

This is the same concept that the Asian OEM has taken to their midrange line which they just started rolling out. Called the Nord, we have another one coming out soon and cannot wait to see how they fare on that one also.

Before then, though, the company is turning its attention to pleasing the users of the current Nord units, including the original one.

Here, we have an Oxygen OS update rolling out to improve the battery efficiency and performance.

The changelog promised both an extended battery life and improved management of the device’s power consumption also. Likewise, the update brought fixes for notification bugs and some overheating issues that the device had been getting in the past.

For an update that doesn’t come with any major bumps, though, you would need a decent 3GB of free storage space to download and install this one. Also, it is best that you keep your phone plugged in or have at least, 30% left on the phone when starting.

If you have seen the update and installed it, let us know if you see any changes in performance, and how they addressed the bugs too.