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OnePlus planning to make Nightscape available on all 7 Pro’s sensors

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Cameras seem to be the trend for smartphone manufacturers in 2019, and they are sparing no expense in ensuring they come out tops of the competition. Same can be said for OnePlus who has done almost all it can to ensure that the great 7 Pro has the best camera around – and it still not stopping.

By not stopping, we mean they have something else in the works for you.

An executive of the company has already stated that the manufacturer plans on bringing Nightscape to other camera sensors on the device. Note that this feature is only available on the 48MP sensor for now, so we might see it making way to the other smaller sensors completing the triple camera arrangement.

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Nightscape is the OnePlus’ answer to taking better pictures at night, employing machine learning to better identify images while letting in more light to the camera. That will ensure better, lifelike and clearer images can be taken at night.

For now, we don’t know when the update that would bring this feature would roll out. Also, we don’t know if OnePlus would extend the same courtesy to its selfie cameras. What we do know, though, is that we will love such a feature when it comes out.

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