OnePlus commits to a 3 year update cycle for flagship products

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Last week, we discussed how Samsung committed to a 5-year update cycle for its devices in the enterprise category. Not all devices, but the top flagships. This means that other unts will have to manage a 3–4-year update cycle as they had been used to in the past.

Now, OnePlus has come out to announce to users that they will support their units for 3 years after launch. Given that OnePlus only launches flagships, it is easy to see how they could monitor and push updates to all of the devices in their stables in that timeframe.

In line with that, the company promises to bring four years of security updates for its devices.

For now, the devices in the Nord series won’t be classed as flagship products and won’t get this same treatment. All other devices from the OnePlus 8 line-up, including the lower priced T variants, will be getting this treatment.

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