OnePlus 8 units will cost more, might come as a strictly 5G option

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OnePlus is actively looking forwards to getting their units in the market, and we bet that we will love what they bring on these new phones too.

The company has already stated that they are not going into foldable phones for now since they don’t see how these can be functional over normal phones yet. This tells us that they will only equip their phones with what they believe the audience needs.

That is why the CEO of the company teased the all-new 120Hz refresh rates that will start going out on all of their units in the future. It is also the main reason why we are now hearing that the phones will come with 5G options on them.

It remains to see if there will be other OnePlus 8 devices that would sell without 5G support on it. This would be needed since not everywhere in the world has the support for this kind of network yet. Thus, it might be too much of a phone for people who are still working with the 4G infrastructure.

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At the same time, there is a huge cost concern that comes with 5G phones, and OnePlus has admitted that the 5G devices will be considerably marked up than other units.

We are still some months away from the launch of what is going to be the company’s second batch of 5G phones, seeing as we already had both the OnePlus 7 Pro 5G and OnePlus 7T Pro 5G McLaren Edition. But we wait to see what direction they want to go with the latest releases.

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