OnePlus 6 to be sold exclusively via Amazon in India

The OnePlus 6 is expected to launch later this month, and we are all excited to receive the latest flagship device form this OEM. However, it seems that there will be a twist to the sale.

Even though we have not seen the unit in the flesh yet, it has already been confirmed that Amazon will be the official seller of the device in some markets such as India. That is good news for the Nigerian market as they can be guaranteed the purchase and shipment of this unit to their location without having to wait for third-party sellers.

We cannot say that this development comes as a surprise to us since OnePlus India has a deal in place with Amazon in that region to sell its devices exclusively. Those that do not want to get their smartphones from Amazon can wait a few days after which the same device will go up for sale on the OnePlus official website.

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For all we know, this OnePlus 6 is set to change the way we have been looking at offerings from the Asian OEM. From as much as 8GB of RAM and 256GB internal storage space to subtle features such as the camera to notch and SD 845 chipset, here is one smartphone we almost can’t wait for to launch already.

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