Nokia might be venturing into making its own custom skin

Nokia might be venturing into making its own custom skin

Nokia is hiring a UX designer on LinkedIn and that has awoken suspicions that the HMD-licensed brand might be looking to make its own OS.

Nokia has allowed HMD Global use its name to churn out devices across different markets but the one-time mobile giant is yet to capture the kind of success that would be worth envying in the market. The fact that multiple Chinese brands are now here to introduce more units at lower price points makes it even harder to compete in the market these days.

Up till now, Nokia has leveraged the Android One platform from Google for its devices. This kind of software mimics the basic Android software from Google, allows for faster and longer update support as well as a smoother experience.

But the, the HMD-owned company might be looking to put its own style on things these days.

Likewise, it could just be that they want to tinker around with some of the custom apps that ship with the Nokia phones. Of these, we have the Camera, Phone and the likes.

For now, though, no one is sure which direction the company is going in. With a scheduled press conference to discuss new smartphone naming and possible roadmap for the future on April 8, we might just find out more.