Nokia 9 Purview makes new markets with its penta-camera setup

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Nokia announced the Nokia 9 Purview some five months ago and it seems they are not yet done with introducing this unit to other markets. As of the time of this writing, the device has made a launch in Thailand, and we hope they follow through with that market penetration until they get into Africa too.

Planned for a July 5 sale launch, the unit comes with the Snapdragon 845 chipset under the hood, all paired with as much as 6GB of RAM. Phone enthusiasts will recognise that this is the chipset from last year, but know that it is just as powerful for this year too.

Following up on that, we have a nice 5.99 QHD+ screen panel to look at. All that, and we have not mentioned the 3320mAh battery. If there is one thing Nokia is known for, it is surely how long their batteries tend to last, and we have no doubt the same will be applicable here.

Having said all that, the main selling point of the Nokia 9 Purview is the five-camera setup on the back – all being 12MP sensors.

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