Nokia 3.4 gets bump to the Android 11 level

Nokia 3.4 gets bump to the Android 11 level

It is not every day you have Nokia in the news, but they have been doing well in the old device update section for some months now.

Today, we are happy to see that they are taking the Nokia 3.4 to Android 11 finally. Though we can argue that the next iteration in Android is just around the corner and we don’t know when (or even if) this device will get the same thing, it is still worthy to note that Nokia made such a move.

Now, the Nokia 3.4 did not launch globally. However, the update has hit about three dozen countries as of the time of this writing. This shows that the company is really pushing it out there to ensure it gets to as much users as possible in such little time.

If your market hasn’t received it yet, we believe it is only a matter of a small period before you see a notification to upgrade also.

That said, Nokia does claim all markets would have their rollouts completed on August 22. So, anytime from then and you would see the notification on your device. Otherwise, head into your settings dashboard to manually request the update in case something else is holding it up.