Nokia 3.2 is being treated to the Android 11 cookie right now

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When the Nokia 3.2 first made the market, we had the Android 9 Pie on the unit. It didn’t take long for Nokia to carry this device all the way to the Android 10 level.

As of the time of this writing, the global smartphone maker is rolling out an update to the Android 11 for users of this unit.

Alongside the update is the March security patch, so do get it as fast as it comes your way also.

Speaking of coming your way, the update is currently seen in about 10% of the markets that the device launched to. Nokia might not be doing a good job on the speed right now but we are fairly confident that the update will reach everyone with this unit soon.

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When it does arrive, make sure you have about 1.43GB free on your device. Depending on your market the update could weight slightly more or slightly lesser but that is a good benchmark to keep in mind. Likewise, consider updating the device over Wi-Fi rather than going with mobile data.

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