Nokia 1.3 starts getting its push to Android 11

Nokia 1.3 starts getting its push to Android 11

Nokia might not have started announcing its new wave of devices for the year yet, but they are in the news for the good work that they are doing on older units.

Today, the Nokia 1.3 makes the news for getting its Android 11 update after some time in the market. If you are not an Australian user, though, you might not get the update right now.

As usual, the HMD-owned company is rolling out this update in wave batches to ensure that there are no issues there before they move on with a bigger rollout. That way, even if there were any issues, users would have reported it and the company will get on top of such before the same software goes viral.

There is no definite timeline on when the rest of the world will get the same Android 11 push on their Nokia 1.3 phones. The company maintains that the first and second wave usually occur between mere weeks of themselves, so we’re looking at seeing the OS somewhere else by the end of the month.