Nintendo Switch finally Goes Android 

Nintendo Switch finally Goes Android 

Back in February, two developers – Billy Laws and Max Keller – had been able to get Android running on Nintendo’s Switch gaming system for the very first time. It had been four months since then and developer Billy Laws (ByLaws) is very close to the release of the unofficial Android port to the Nintendo’s Switch.

The aforementioned Android port lets the Nintendo Switch function like a typical Android Tablet. With its Tegra X1 chipset and 4GB of LPDDR4 RAM, users are assured of a wonderful and seamless gaming experience when playing different games download from the Play Store.

From the report released, PUBG Mobile runs without glitch on balanced graphic setting. However, the Joycons don’t work and a higher graphics cannot be chosen as those options will be made available to the device “soon”.

Asides PUGB Mobile and some other games, the Joycons work efficiently well with most games and other apps. The only condition appears to be that the Joycons work online in wireless mode, despite being physically connected to the sides of the console.

Besides gaming, the Nintendo Switch can be used for media consumption with apps like Netflix and Youtube. Without a camera, microphone and in-built GPS, apps like Pokemon Go and Snapchat will not work on the Nintendo Switch.  It can also use a keyboard and mouse simultaneously for the full PC experiences with the three USB ports present on the console and when docked, it can be connected to a bigger display screen via HDMI.

The Nintendo Switch Android port runs on the microSD card, which means it doesn’t affect or block users from accessing other Nintendo services too.