Nigeria is most susceptible country to cyber attacks in Africa

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The Global Research & Analysis Team at Kaspersky Labs has ranked Nigeria as the 8th country in the world using the Internet as a highway of communication.

Kaspersky Lab is an international software security group operating in almost 200 countries and is renowned for Internet risks monitoring and evaluating research.

According to a statement signed by Dirk Kollberg, a Senior Security Researcher in the team, Nigeria also ranks highest in Africa.

“It is obvious that in this region we will see many attacks on users aimed at getting their financial and personal data on mobiles and PCs. Ransomware will also likely rise in this region in 2016,”

the research team said.

“Also there are more and more companies choosing to keep their data in the cloud due to the reduced costs and the grown Internet speed, so the opportunity for malware writers to steal company data has become a much bigger risk than a few years ago”

they added.

In order to minimize the future risks connected with cyber-attacks of the future, businesses should create and deploy a complete security strategy, the firm said.

The internet security firm harped on the need for corporate entities to educate staff about cyber security and implement multi-layered Endpoint protection with extra proactive layers.

Businesses should also protect all elements of infrastructure, patch vulnerabilities, mind everything that is mobile and implement encryption for communication and sensitive data, they added.

Kaspersky Lab’s experts’ predictions for 2016 are based on the expertise of the Global Research and Analysis Team – the company’s 43 top security experts, located all over the world.

Kaspersky Lab’s experts also predict that there will be a significant evolution in cyberespionage tradecraft, including dramatic change in how APTs are structured and operated in the year 2016.

They believe ransomware will gain more ground on banking Trojans and expect it to extend into new areas such as OS X devices, often owned by wealthier and therefore more lucrative targets.

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