New Nintendo Handheld console Concept mates Game Boy with Project Ara

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Pierre Cerveau a French designer from Thailand came up with a new concept device for a Nintendo handheld console which he dedicated to late Mr. Iwata. And it is quite sure that Mr. Iwata would have loved this concept as most of us did.

Pierre Cerveau has designed a new device that will mix your usual Android smartphone accompanied by the visual appeal of the classic Game Boy.

Remember Google’s project Ara? Google had tried to research a technology to make modular phones viable. Well, this concept takes its conception from the idea of Project Ara.

A modular phone is basically a phone where all the parts are interchangeable.

Cervera’s concept is in its essence a simple smartphone, but you can add or remove a physical controller at will and hence the “modular” concept.

The device is branded as Nintendo which is written on the back of the phone horizontally. But the device itself is given the name of SMART BOY.

It will behave as an Android Smartphone, but you can attach a controller named as “GAME BAT” to the side of the phone and turn it into a handheld console.

Cerveau also included the option of interchangeable battery, storage memory and Nintendo branded 13MP 3D camera. All of which will be in the form of modules, i.e. interchangeable.

The Smart Boy itself is a fantasy device and we might never see it as a buyable product. But considering how Nintendo has patented ideas around interchangeable controls for a handheld device, the concept isn’t that farfetched.

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