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New Google Play Store update makes the internet better for you and your kids

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Google is great when it comes to making sure their Play Store is safe for everyone, and they might have a new update that makes it even safer for your kids too. While Google has been working on models to protect kids in the past, this new update might be the cream of that one – blocking out all of the sexual content, marijuana-oriented stuff and hate speech, to mention but a few.

The service has also improved to quell the distribution of counterfeit goods and services via the trusted platform.

For those who have been following updates to the Play Store, you will agree that Google already has a thing against sexual content. However, that was limited to depiction of sexual acts or escort services on the asap. With the new updates, they will now kick against nudity, lewdness or any profane content at all.

Gambling is also on the books of what Google has updated, given that the company has now mandated publishers of such content never to provide users with either money or any other thing of real-world value. If they keep this up, they might actually succeed in making the internet – the part of it that they control, at least – a better place.

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