New Google Assistant update reads your messages to you

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The Google Assistant just got a new update that would make it even more useful for many.

After applying the update, the Assistant will now be able to read your messages to you from some third-party apps. Of course, you would have to grant it the permission to do this before it works – in a bid to ensure your privacy is upheld.

The best thing about the new update is that you also get to reply to the messages (via voice, of course) with the Assistant.

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For those who use their Google Assistant well enough, they would know that you can do this on the normal text messaging app already. However, the update doesn’t come with support for either Facebook Messenger or WhatsApp. If you were on Android Auto, though, that is another ball game entirely.

Since this is a fairly recent addition, we don’t expect everything to work well out of the box. Being Google, though, it is worth a shot.

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